Why the hell won’t he kiss her?!

Suburgatory 1x21 - The Great Compromise

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I want to sleep like a baby, while listen to this piano impromptu instrument
I want to sleep like a baby, like there’s no one care
I want to sleep like a baby, because they can’t wake me up
I want to sleep like a baby, because people will shut their mouth while i’m gone
I want to sleep like a baby, I want to sleep like there’s no tomorrow


It was a perfect afternoon. I sat on the same chair, the same room, same library. I happened to always choose that room, located at the corner, had a very less ripple, I could even heard when someone gulp. It was a perfect room for me to enjoyed the sunset everyday. I would be better if you suddenly popped up and surprised me to watch this beautiful scenery, I thought. Then, you were all over my head. I didn’t know how but somehow i wondered. What if, you’re at the library too. You used to love this place. I could grab you and show you around the perfect sunset from here. I didn’t mind sharing my so called sanctuary. 

Next thing i know, I grabbed my bag. I was searching for you, all over the place. I put myself to the elevator, but no. I went out, I chose stairs. I was looking for you floor by floor by floor. I opened every door in it. I quickened my pace. I didn’t know how, but my heart told me that we were in the same building. Then I gave up. I was so tired. I sat down at the bench, outside. I was running out of air. I am fool, how is it possible we could be in the same building, there is no such thing called coincidence, I thought. I dunked my face. I was about to cry. But I stopped, because apparently there was another person sat on the bench. I took a deep long breath, and ready to face my precious sunset. This was the only thing that could dampened my fool feelings. I was too busy looking at the sun, and started closed both my eyes in order to enjoyed it. 
"Wow, that is a great scenery up there" said the man beside me while he was taking a picture of the sunset over his phone. I looked up at him. "Hi" he greeted while raised his eyebrows . I smiled. 

When I decided to stop looking for you, there you are. Right beside me.



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"Ronald Reagan doesn’t care!"
The Americans

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